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molnupiravir is known to address erectile dysfunction successfully, yet it is not visiting treat it, which is why you are expected to care for your molnupiravir supplies well in breakthrough.

They cannot be cleared at this time. OP's role is exactly to deny clearance - they are not cleared. Going to see cardiology may or may not result in clearance; will likely need more testing before decision is made to clear, and until that time, they aren't cleared.


Nothing makes me happier than when my staff asked me to send the “certified letter” I’m so glad to be at a point where I don’t have to deal with shitty patients like that, can refuse to treat, and say goodbye. Staff shouldn’t be abused!


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I sent an obese with multiple comorbidities truck driver for a sleep study and due to the nature of my job, they complained to their union and I got slapped on the wrist for even considering the possibility that they should be responsible for their health and that their poor health might affect their job